My concerts

My next concerts

- March, 15 2020 at 4.00pm in Chapelle de Renouville (78) : Brahms’ Sextet op.111 and Mozart’s Quintet KV516 with G.Maître et M.Guyot violins, F.Douchet et S.Soufflard, violas
- March, 16 2020, Paris MPAA : About Don Giovanni, cond.O.Cuneo
- March, 22 mars 2020 at 3.00pm in l’Atelier de la Main d’Or, 75011 Brahms’ Sextet op.18 and Verklärte Nacht by Schönberg with M-L.Camilleri et M.Appleman, violins, J.Borsarello et J.Pasquier, violas et B.Noël, cello
- April, 28 2020 at l’INJA Paris : About Pauline Viardot with M.Appleman violin, I.Lormand, viola, M.Bensoussan, piano
- April, 30 2020 at Paris, 7th City Hall: About Pauline Viardot with R.Masunaga, piano, S.Carne, clarinet
- May 5, 2020 at Paris : Piano Quintet by V.Williams ...
- May 18, 2020 at l’INJA Paris : Poulenc...
- June, 12th 2020: Beethoven with M.Appleman, violin, I.Ottavi, M.Bensoussan

Season 2019-2020/Past Concerts:
- January 25, 2020 in l’Etang-la-Ville(78) : with M-Laurence Camilleri and Michael Appleman, violin, Jérémie Pasquier and Jacques Borsarello, viola, and Béatrice Noël cello. Verklärte Nacht by Schönberg, Sextet op.18 by Brahms.
- le 15 septembre 2019 : DuoCelli with Igor Kiritchenko : Offenbach, Lee, Kummer, Glière, Haydn.

Season 2018-2019:
- August 8, 2019 in Pontarlier, France: DuoCelli with Igor Kiritchenko: Mozart, Offenbach, Lee, Schindlöcker, Kummer, Glière.
- August 6, 2020 in Bochaud, France: DuoCelli with Igor Kiritchenko: Mozart, Offenbach, Lee, Schindlöcker, Kummer, Glière.
- May 25, 2019 : with Eve Adamopoulos, violin, and Sylvie Delaunay, piano. Beethoven’s Trio opus 1 n°3.
- May 21, 2019 at l’INJA: Violin concerto and 5th Symphonie by Beethoven with Ch.Boulier, violin, conducted by B.Poindefert
- May 19, 2019 in Levallois-Perret Temple: with Patrick Delabre, organ. Bach, Mendelssohn, Saint-Saëns, Wermann.
- April 18, 2019 : with Michael Appleman, violin, Ingrid Lormand, viola, and Marc Bensoussan and Iuvanna, Ottavi, piano. Clara Wieck’s Piano Trio and Robert Schumann’s Piano Quartett opus 47.
- April 4 and 5, 2019 : Mahler’s 4th Symphony, chamber ensemble conducted by B.Poindefert.
- February 16, 2019 : with Lucile Fauquet et Igor Kiritchenko. Battanchon, La Tombelle, Ollone, Pergolèse, Stradella...
- December 19, 2018 : with M.Appleman, M.Clermont, A.Gallon, D.Haroutunian, I.Lormand. Dvorak, Sarasate, Strauss
- October 11th and 16, 2018 at INJA and 7th City Hall. Debussy, Ravel, Fauré, Satie, Strauss/Schönberg with M.Appelman, J.Borsarello, St.Carne, J.Gaubert, D.Haroutounian, R.Masunaga, C.Rempp.

Saison 2017-2018 :
- August 2, 2018 in Pontarlier (25) with Patrick Delabre, organ. Featuring: Bach, Dupré, Fauré, Wermann
- October 7, 2017 in Neuilly-sur-Seine with Dana Ciocarlie, piano, Christophe Giovaninetti et Andrea Berki, violins, Christophe Gaugué, viola. Brahms’Quintette in F min op. 34.

Season 2016-2017:
- November 19th, 2016 in the Church of Charleval (27). Mozart ’s Quartet KV 381 and Brahms Sextet opus 18 with Anne Labroca and Philippe Neveu, violin, Claire Mennesson and Michel Schouman, viola, Matthias Kohlhauer, cello.

Season 2015-2016
- May 7, 2016 in Vauvenargues (13) Brahms’ Sextet op.18 with Anne Labroca and Philippe Neveu, violins, Maxim Berman and Mchel Schouman violas, and Matthias Kohlhauer cello.
- April 7, 2016 in St Pierre de Montmartre; Paris Mozart’s String Quartet KV 421 and Clarinet Quintet KV 581 with Anne Labroca, Philippe Neveu, violins, Michel Schouman, viola, Lester Chio, clarinet
- April 2, 2016 in Muids (27)
- February 13, 2016 in Paris. Brahms’ Sextet op.18 with Anne Labroca and Philippe Neveu, violins, Maxim Berman and Michel Schouman, violas, Matthias Kohlhauer, cello
- December 5, 2015 in Paris. Schubert’s Quintett in C with Thibault Hurbli/Nathan Bauer, Philippe Neveu, violin, Michel Schouman, viola and Matthias Kohlhauer, cello
- Novembre 21, 2015 in the Church of Charleval (27). Schubert’s Quintet for 2 cellos.
- August 6, 2015 in Church Saint Aignan of Chartres with Patrick Delabre, organ. The program featured: Bloch, Rheinberger, Bach, Ravel, Fauré, Wermann, Saint Saëns.